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The Cox Construction Company does work exclusively in these areas South of Sunrise Highway

West Sayville

We will consider other locations by recomendation only by former customers

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About Cox Construction 
Cox Construction was started by John F. Cox in September of 1973. John had previous experience working for Craft Home Improvement of Amityville in 1968 and 1969. Uncle Sam called to defend liberty in Vietnam and John obliged. Upon separation from the United States Army, John went back to work for Craft Home Improvement for $2.50 per hour. The only problem was John had changed, no more taking orders from authority so he became the authority and started this company Cox Construction which thrives to this day. All these years, the same guy, same phone number, same good work.
Cox Construction worked all over Long Island, upstate, NYC and anywhere the work was. Cox Construction has a long and varied history in the construction business. From remodeling all of the Red Lobster Inns in the Northeast region to 15,000 square foot plus private homes in Old Field and Amagansett, New York. We have done hundreds of home improvement jobs from baths and kitchens, siding, windows, millwork and trim. We have recently built many additions, dormers and a North Carolina style beach house in Sayville. In the late 90's John's wife Kathy asked him to work closer to home and boy did he ever with so many jobs in the Sayville area since that time from Victorian restoration to new homes and full remodels, home lifting, restaurant work, a marina, and even a jewelry store. John works on and oversees every job that he is fortunate enough to get. Once John decided on Sayville as his primary work area, he got busy with community service to pay back the community in which he and Kathy raised their five children. He has built the performance pavilion in the Common Ground Park, the food pantry at Gillette House, and the Welcome Center for the Sayville Chamber of Commerce. The 105 brackets for the beautiful flowers hung on the streets of Sayville were put there by John and his son Ryan. John now works exclusively in the area that he loves, his children grown and well educated, have great jobs.  John was the 2015 the President of the Sayville Chamber of Commerce and has been seen cleaning the streets at 4am. The thread that runs through John's life in his work, home and hobbies is to finish every task the best way possible.
Call John, you will be glad you did
John is a LEED Accredited Professional and has licenses in New York and Florida.

A free estimate is always available here at Cox Construction for your project.

Consultation takes this a step further in planning your project when you know what you want to achieve and what the purpose of this project is. This service could include;

  • Ideas and problem solving
  • Materials selection
  • Scale preliminary drawings with dimensions
  • Reviewing estimates and contracts or agreements
  • Checking credentials (Licenses, insurances, ability to handle the job)
  • Working with architect
  • Project feasibilty
  • Suggesting pitfalls to avoid

Sometimes we dont get the call to consult until after there is a problem, this could have been avoided by proper planning with an advocate for you. John's experience in residential construction is extensive. There is no obligation to hire Cox Construction,
if you have a contractor you want to use, we can go over the project and make sure it makes sense as presented, vet the contractor, vetting can incude checking credentials, look at past completed jobs, visit current job site, speak  with the company owner or supplier.

$1,000.00 for the first six hours, $120.00 per hour after that
This is money well spent.

Project management is an  entirely seperate service from consulting and is available at a percentage rate
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